Dr. Angela Zhang

Neuroscientist, Designer, & Artist

About me

When I was a little girl, my favourite subjects were math and art. Back then, I always thought that I would have to sacrifice one of my passions for the other; become an engineer or an artist, a doctor or a pianist (my mother preferred doctor of course!). When I was 18 years old, I discovered scientific research and saw the perfect marriage of my strengths  science requires an analytical mind but thrives off creative problem solving.  I competed in science fairs, volunteered in university research labs, and took an undergraduate psychology course all in my final year of high school. In university I became particularly passionate about neuroscience… and the rest is history. I received my bachelor’s degree in neuroscience at Western University and my doctorate degree in neuroscience at McGill. Check out my CV or Doctorate Research.

Throughout my schooling I learned that scientists love opportunities to teach and present their work to the public. Yet, so few take the time and effort to ensure their message is clear and engaging. My passion for art and design, and my love of public speaking, led me to value the audiovisual presentation of my research as much as the science itself. As a result, throughout my scientific career I have also been a freelance designer, specializing in scientific communication. Check out some of my work here.



PhD Research
My research focuses on spatiotemporal cortical patterns during real-life conditions, like movie viewing or social interactions. I've shown that the brain has remarkable similarity between you and I, proving it possible to one day decode and predict brain activity.


Freelance Work
I have designed figures for textbooks and scientific papers, logos for events and groups, and entire websites. All my design work aims to communicate science clearly and beautifully.


Drawing and painting has always been my main hobby. My mediums include pencil, acrylic and oil paint, and watercolour. I hope you enjoy my humble gallery.

Find me where science and design meet.