Freelance Designer

Combining science with visual arts

One avenue in which I’ve combined my passions for art and science is in the field of design. My scientific designs and illustrations aim to make complex scientific problems digestable to a general audience, increase legibility to fellow scientists and produce aesthetically pleasing results that engage viewers.

My science and art journey has led me to drawing scientific illustrations for journal publication, textbooks, and articles; designing logos for research, charitable events, and companies; and designing websites.

My portfolio reflects a unique freelance designer with a large repertoire of scientific knowledge gained through a PhD in Neuroscience and extensive training in scientific research and communication.

My first commission for a scientific illustration was in 2013/2014, during my 2nd year of my Bachelor’s where I volunteered in a cell biology lab. The illustration was used in a review paper¬†explaining the life cycle of a pannexin gap junction protein. Being new to the lab and cellular biology field, the project required independent learning, critical analysis and open communication.

During my 4th year (2016) I designed a textbook diagram summarizing brain plasticity at different organizational levels.

Later that year (2016) I co-authored and designed the diagrams for an article in Frontiers for Young Minds, a journal specifically tailored to young students interested in neuroscience and “peer-reviewed” by a class of elementary school children.

In 2017 I designed general marketing products including brochures, posters and logos for non-profit educational event hosted by the TBI research unit at the Montreal General Hospital.

In 2019 I designed the logo for the Montreal General Hospital’s Imaging Platform.

In 2020 I designed the logo for the Montreal chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (SFN).

In 2020 I designed and front-end developed the non-profit organization AltPAP Innovation’s website.

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